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After weeks of rumors flying around about Selena joining Justin on his Asian leg of the My World tour, it looks like we finally have some answers!

Earlier today paparazzi spotted Justin and Selena arriving at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.

While his time spent already in Malaysia seemed fun from his tweets “the show must go on! Great show out in the Rain In Malaysia!! Crowd was incredible and it was HOT!!!!” he wrote, followed by, “time for a shower then team dinner. #southeastasia #blessed” it looks like things are going to get even better!

Hopefully this puts a rest to the rumors of their breakup and the rumors about Selena and Nick rekindling their flame.

Do you think Selena will sing Overboard with Justin at the upcoming concerts?



(I love how happy Selena looks in the third one. Finally back with her man)


We haven’t seen or heard a lot of things about “Jelena” lately because Justin has been touring on his European leg of My World.

Recently, A LOT of rumors have been flying around about Selena cheating and Justin and Jasmine are back in contact, chatting it up.

These rumors have only been fueled by how Justin has been acting during his performances of That Should Be Me. Some think he’s acting very emotional during it because he wishes he was with Jasmine, and not Jinsu.

To put the rumors to rest about Justin and Selena breaking up, it seems that they are still skyping together (even as I write this). So I think it’s safe to say that the two lovebirds are still going strong.

Do you think Justin wishes he was Jinsu?



Here’s the song they were singing:

The other day Selena opened up yet again about her relationship with Justin (even though his name was never mentioned, it was implied) and how she doesn’t play games with him.

We all know how the games work (especially if you’re a female): When you’re texting someone you really like, you don’t always want to reply, or reply too fast, because you don’t want to come off too clingy and scare them away.

While helping interviewer, Zach Sang with relationship advice, she states that she is very-very happy and has finally met someone who she doesn’t have to play games with.

Personally, I think they’re the cutest thing ever.



Well, remember how Kait posted that picture of Justin with what we think is a pregnancy test?

Take a second look at this picture….

Now you all were saying “what if it’s a thermometer..” Well.. take a look at what Ashley Benson just tweeted, and then DELETED a couple of minutes later!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like Selena Gomez made a visit to Justin and was sneaky about it. How no one found out is beyond me, it’s not even over the internet, like there’s no word of Selena being there.. But all I know is that Justin has a Pregnancy test and Selena Gomez is in London with Justin.. Or at least was with him.

Here’s another screenshot of tweets from Ashley about hanging out at JB concerts, and with Justins crew from March 16 the day before Ashley went back to LA today March 17th:

PS. reason these tweets don’t have Ashley’s pictures because they are down her twitter page.

Lets hope that pregnancy test turned out negative because we don’t need Justin to be a dad this young, although his mom was pregnant with Justin at a very young age.. I still don’t think that Justin should have a kid at this age, especially with his fans being so young it would set a bad example..

The only thing I don’t get is why Justin would walk around with a pregnancy test in his hand like that!? And how on earth did Selena get around with Paparazzi finding her.. THIS IS CRAZY STUFF!!!

All I know is we’re the FIRST to bring you this HUGE news and that my mind is BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agent Sunshine. ❤


UPDATE BY KAIT: This information MIGHT be incorrect. They might have met on a plane back to LA but we are unsure. We’ll keep you posted! -Kait


A few days ago miss Selena Gomez bought her beau Justin Bieber a star and is now registered in The Universal Star Catalog’s Database! A staff member at StarNamer confirms the purchase and even showed a picture of the certificate.

Do you think it was a sweet gesture that Selena did?

We’ve all known for awhile that Justin and Selena were an item even though they’ve always denied it. Recently they outed their relationship at the Vanity Fair After Party and became “officially unofficial.”

Next was Justin’s 17th hectic birthday outing and we all know how that ended. Some say tears were shed. Some say punches were thrown. A middle finger was even on display.

But now, after a few cute tweets back and forth, Selena finally confirms their relationship in an interview yesterday, March 14th.

“It’s definitely affected me, I’ll be honest with you completely. I haven’t really talked about it, but it hurts, it really does. Because I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong. I’ve been best friends with him for a very long so it is very hard and it does hurt my feelings a lot.”

To listen to the interview, it can be found at:

Yesterday morning Justin even tweeted a cute little message. Was it to Selena? Was it to his fans? You can decide for yourself.



Selena has recently been sporting what looks like herpes:

ain’t it sexy?

lol jk.

It’s gross.

Justin, I advise you not to kiss her unless you want herpes.

I find it funny, in the bottom right corner she covers her mouth, like it will help when we already got so many great pictures of the herpes.





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