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Now, I am not one to write blogs about other blogs due to the fact that I don’t care all that much, but lately this has been bothering me. If you’ve read their blogs lately you know most of their entries are about Justin (even though they clearly state they’re not fans of his and don’t care about him) and his life. And lets just say they’re not good things.

Most of the blogs are negative things. Things that are turning Beliebers against Justin. Saying that his relationship with Selena is fake, how she’s a fame-whore, his past relationships, and everything under the sun.

With their latest blog “Bieber EXPOSED: The Ex’s” most of their information is indeed accurate. But it isn’t anything new. They act like they’re the first ones to reveal all of this “juicy gossip” when in reality they’re about the thousandth person to write about it. The only thing that makes their information unique is that they keep saying how they have more pictures and more stories that would turn a Belieber off and show the real side of Justin but they refuse to post it. My thoughts? If you have all this never-seen-before information and pictures, why not post it? Why not be the first one to shed light on the subject? I think they’re all bullshit. I think it’s their way of keeping their readers by saying “Hey, we have more shit, but in order to see it you have to read all of blogs and stay tuned for months because we want to keep our status.” Especially if they’re not Beliebers, they have nothing stopping them from posting all this “juicy gossip.” We all know Justin likes to have fun with his friends. We all know Justin has an image to uphold. We all know Justin likes girls. That is nothing new. Stop acting like he’s horrible for having two personalities. Everyone does whether you like it or not, Justin is no different.

On their Selena “exposed” bullshit blog, it’s all biased. I know a lot of people are saying “It’s not biased, you just can’t handle the truth.” I can handle the truth actually. They’re writing is extremely biased. If you read their tweets and their blogs then you know how much they hate Selena. So reading their exposed blog doesn’t shock me. They make it seem like it’s all Selena’s fault that they might be in this fake relationship. They point fingers at Selena. If they are indeed fake, then you can’t just point fingers at Selena. You also have to point fingers at Justin for lying to his fans and making it seem real. All of their information makes it seem like Selena is leaking these private pictures. Are they not aware that this is the reason why Justin can’t trust people? Because people use him to get close to him, to get information and to sell it for money. Just like those private pictures. Clearly someone took the pictures and then leaked them. On the Vanity Fair pictures they say that Selena is pushing Justin’s head into her cleavage, that Selena is letting the paps take a picture of their photobooth fun. That is bullshit. You can clearly see that Selena’s hand is just resting on his head, that she wasn’t pushing his head in. Also, if they saw the full picture of their photobooth pictures then they’d know that it wasn’t Selena holding the pictures to the paps, it’s Selena showing Justin the pictures and they zoomed in super far to see them. If you were on Tumblr that night then you would know almost every single person was trying to zoom in to see what their pictures were. I think it’s ridiculous that they’re blaming everything on Selena. Can’t you just be happy for them?

Why did I write this blog? I wanted people to know that their information isn’t anything new. It’s old, recycled and biased. Beliebers need to stop believing everything they hear/read.

I’m done ranting about this.





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