Pregnancy Scare?

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Yesterday, March 16th, Justin was seen leaving his hotel with what seems to be a pregnancy test in London.

Some say it’s a pen that you push to write, but personally I know from experience that it is indeed a pregnancy test. It even has the wrapper on it, so it has never been used or is covered so they don’t touch the urine.

After some debating back and forth whether it is a pregnancy test, who’s it is, and everything else, we have come to a conclusion.

It is indeed a pregnancy test but it doesn’t belong to Selena. That is just impossible. Justin is currently in London on tour while Selena is in New York promoting her new single, so thank the lord they’re not going to be teenage parents anytime soon. But who’s is it and why is he walking around in public with it? I don’t think we’ll ever get those answers.

UPDATE: Some people are saying it is a thermometer. It very well could be.

UP-UPDATE: A lot of people are saying this is photoshopped or that it is his “iPhone.” I have yet to see a picture without it in his hands and that is definitely not an iPhone…

Also, I did NOT edit the pictures OR write ‘Pregnancy Text’ on it. I am aware of the spelling mistake.

What are your opinions?


4 Responses to "Pregnancy Scare?"

It looks like a pen! I wouldn’t get too worried about all this. You know how rumors are these days. The simplest little thing can turn into a whole lot of bullshit.

also, you spelled “test” wrong. a text is writing like in a book, on a computer, on a phone etc. nice try. stop trying to spread rumors.

We didn’t write on the picture!! Sorry hun – Agent Sunshine.

Hi, It isn’t a pregnacy test, it’s just his iPhone sock
Take a look at this photos

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