Hotel cleaners-can we trust them?

Posted on: March 15, 2011

By now, news has hit the Belieber world that two girls reportedly snuck into Bieber’s hotel room. The incident is said to have happened last week. Supposedly, JB was furious over the lack of security. A spokeswoman from the hotel is quoted “We had extra police called in to manage the crowds outside, not letting the general public in. We also employed 20 extra security guards.” By “outside” she’s referring to the hundreds of thousands of girls waiting outside the hotel, hoping for just a glance of the popstar.
The girls, aged 16 and 18, got past the first round of security and once inside the hotel stole two housekeeping outfits. They headed straight for Bieber’s hotel room, the McCartney suite which is a three bedroom penthouse. Upon being let in, they started to perform mediocre cleanig on tables, chairs, counters, etc. When finished, they went into Justin’s bedroom and took pictures of his private posessions. It’s also been reported that they got in his bed. (Which is beyond creepy, in my opinion.) Anyway, the girls were caught when a member of Bieber’s entourage/crew caught them laughing. The girls received a harsh talking to, and were evicted from the premises very fast. Supposedly, Bieber checked out from the £750 a night suite as soon as possible and spent last Friday night on his tour bus. It’s been reported that he hasn’t checked into a hotel since, although this has not been confirmed. Personally, I would sue the girls for stalking. Seriously. They took pictures of his stuff and got in his bed. That’s the part that freaks me out. They got in his bed. This reminds me of the girls in New Zealand who stole his hat. Except they only gave it back after a threat of legal action. This story has officially been filed under my Weird Bieber Fan Experiences file.
Much Love,

*This information isn’t going to be 100% right. This is only what’s been reported so far. I’ll keep you posted.*


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