I just don’t get it.

Posted on: March 4, 2011

Dear people of Earth,

There is no need. None at all. To stop being Justin’s fan because of what happened in the last few weeks. He’s on world tour now, He won’t be back in the US until May the earliest. Selena’s not in the UK right now, is she? No. So stop it. The distance is gonna keep them separated. So think of it this way. Justin is single, until May. Okay? So stop saying he doesn’t care. He does care. That’s why he doesn’t say anything about dating Selena. He says other things like he’s dating, but no one in specific. How can you be dating but not someone specific? I don’t get it. I just don’t.

The things people write on our tumblr have gotten ridiculous. You shouldn’t stop being his fan because of something stupid he did. Remember that little boy in the gray hoodie telling you he loved you? He’s still there. Just grown up a bit. He’s still the same person, who still loves you, his fans. He does. It’s hiding under a mask. The mask is lifted when you guys are happy.. it’s true. It is. If it wasn’t he honestly wouldn’t keep singing. He would probably stop, not go on tour, not record anything. He’s worth so much money that he probably wouldn’t need to work another day in his life. But, he wants to. So think before the next time you say you don’t wanna be his fan because he flipped off a photographer. He had his reasons. Do NOT call him a diva, ever. He isn’t. Isn’t even close. He just puts on some act around his girlfriend, like he is. He only wants the best, and you aren’t giving it to him.

I admit, he does act a little weird sometimes, like when he refused to take the picture last week. But now I kinda found out it was at like 9am. If you were being yelled at while you were on vacation and you were asked to take a picture with someone, wouldn’t you be a little upset? Yes he does regret saying no at first. But as I said before, he loves you guys. He wants the best, nothing less.

Yeah I did hate on the videos where he told people to go away and I hate on “Jelena” all the time. I sorta regret it now though. I think that Justin deserves to the right to having privacy, and being able to express his feelings. But, he doesn’t get that chance now that he’s famous. He has to learn, there’s a big responsibility that comes with fame, that he just wasn’t ready for. He got famous, extremely quickly. I was away at camp when One Time came out, but the second I got home, it was Justin Bieber everything. I had a friend who went to Roosevelt Field Mall when Scooter got arrested.

The main idea is, Justin loves you guys. You guys should love him too. Stop leaving Belieber land. Even Beliebers with Bieber Related twitters are bashing on him. They’re telling him to die because he was an asshole at the St. Regis. That’s unacceptable. Beliebers since ’07 should always be Beliebers, love him then, love him now.





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