Jelena. Has it become more publicity than anything else..? (do not read if you are easily offended by language choices)

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Jelena. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The real question is…. what has happened to them? They seem to be changing/growing apart from eachother. Justin HAS changed. No matter what you would like to say about it. He has. PUHLEEZ don’t say he hasn’t. That’s the most b***sh*t I’ve ever heard. He’s different. Honestly, I don’t know whether to respect him or not anymore. He seems to annoy/ignore his fans. For example: his fans ask for a simple photo, which would take 10 seconds. He blows them off, until the end, the picture turns out like this:


rude much? Now lets discuss that bottom picture over yonder….

Selena and Justin. What is going on? Justin said if he was in a relationship his fans would be the first people to know, okay I get it now Justin. You want them to freak out from the paparazzi when you get a girlfriend. That’s how they’ll know first. Okay. So You want your fans to commit suicide and cut themselves because you have a girlfriend, then think that you are a lying asshole? Then flip off the paparazzi when they want to know about you and your girlfriend:

Then have your pedophiliac, overaged girlfriend flip us off too.

You both flip us off. Do you know what that tells your fans? FUCK YOU I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Shut up with the “I love my fans” shit if you aren’t going to come through with it. Also, the fact that you only kiss Selena in front of camera, when you know they are there, is the annoying part. You had a very very very incognito relationship with Jasmine V. Now it’s Selena Gomez and you only show love toward eachother when there is a camera near.


Another picture:

Is that a hickey on her chest? Is it? I’m curious, Biebs. and that picture is so creepy (the little gray one) Justin is either sucking a non-existing boob, or just has his face up against her boobless chest. Well, here’s one thing for sure, they’re strictly publicity and don’t give a crap what their fans think.





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